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We are more than willing to create
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We add value to your media assets
with high-quality corporate photography,
product photography,
and event photography.

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Pre Production

Brainstorming & Goal Analysis
Strategic Planning & Assessment
Market Analysis
Communications & Brand Assessment
Concept Development, Production Design, & Treatment
Script writing & Production Preparation
Storyboard Creation
Production Coordination & Scheduling
Casting Talent & Hiring Crew
Location Scouting & Permits
Budget Development & Travel Arrangement



Camera Crews – High Definition/Standard Definition
Principle Photography
Interviews and casting services
How-To Demonstrations/Re-Enactments/Dramatizations
Location Management
Lighting Design
Sound Packages – Mixers, Lavs, Windscreens, Wireless
Acting Talent – professional/amateurs
Fashion, Makeup and Hair stylists
Specialty Equipment – Grip Trucks, Steadicam, Dolly & Track, Jib-Arms/Camera Cranes, drones


Post Production

Managing the Footage
Video Editing
Inserting Special Effects & Graphics
Adding Music or Commissioning Custom Scores
Voice Over Recording Sessions
Audio Sweetening
Language Translation
Video Formatting & Encoding - CD/DVD, Blu-ray, Web, H.264, Mobile

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we love being

And, we’re really good at it. Whether it’s a photo shoot at Marketopia's studio or an on-location photo shoot at your restaurant or kitchen, we make great photography happen for you. We photograph food for all types of projects - cookbooks, product packaging, websites, catalogs, menus. With our affordable rate for a half-day or full-day photo shoot, our food photography services will work within your budget. Our professional food photography will make your recipes and food products shine.

Food Photography


Industrial and manufacturing photography is one of the often overlooked and under appreciated types of photography. Because industrial photography and videography can be notoriously hard to capture well, many businesses turn to stock images or animated clips instead of custom photos and videos. However, industrial shots don’t have to be difficult, they just need to be taken by a true professional that understands how to work with the unique conditions that come with industrial photography. Anytime Picture has over ten years of photography and videography experience throughout northeast Ohio, including industrial, manufacturing, and commercial photography. We’re proud to have worked with multiple factories and manufacturers throughout Cuyahoga County to capture exceptional commercial photographs of real Cleveland area businesses, no stock photos or animated videos needed.




Our corporate packages are custom built according to what your business need. Below are some of our most popular services:

- Individual business portraits
- Full photographic coverage of the company, including the premises, individual portraits and group photos
- Event photography: conferences, meetings, corporate events & celebrations.
-Themed photo booth
-Content for a portfolio

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Audio Production

Lyrics Writing

At Marketopia we offer complete Lyrics writing services. We can write and compose an original song just for you. Any style, genre, or subject...


Music Composition

We can profoundly compose and arrange original soundtracks for your productions in a diversity of styles. Custom music scores with simple and direct sync licensing.

We are also offering professional music recording and editing services. Our composers are experienced and have worked for major film and TV series productions for a long time.


Voice Over Acting

Voice-over requires the right voice, style, and recording technique to capture the story that needs to be told.

Our production team will find the right voice-over talent to tell your story that is affordable and on budget.

Our studio is designed especially for voice-over so you can feel comfortable that you will get the best service. We make it our duty to make any accommodations the client and talent may need.


Sound Mixing

Sound mixing is the process of matching audio levels of all of the sound in a film ⏤ from dialogue, to Foley, to the musical score. A sound mixer must tweak every single audio file in the movie in order to make it sound clear, crisp, and seamless. This isn’t easy, even for professionals. It can be an arduous and tedious process, not to mention extraordinarily difficult when there are a ton of sounds happening at once.


Audio Mastering

we transform your ideas into music, from composition to performance recording and mastering. We listen to your ideas and create the right music for your artistic, economic, and technical needs by making sure to use extensive musical background score combined with several instruments to produce the best music possible. We compose, arrange, play, produce, record, edit music, and more.

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Every project is different, but broadly speaking the production process can be broken down into three phases:

Pre-production: This is when we work with you to learn all about your business and together define what it is you need from video. Some of the questions we might explore are: Who is your target audience? What platforms do you want to publish on? What are the key messages you want to communicate?

From there we’ll create a video outline and/or detailed script, confirm budgets and arrange any filming dates with you.

Production: AKA ‘filming’. This is bit most people think of when they talk about creating videos. Our crew will capture all the required footage – such as interviews, event footage or product demonstrations. We might film at your premises, at our studio or at some other locations relevant to the video messages.

Post-production: Once we’ve captured all the footage we’ll get to work on the edit, crafting the footage into a coherent narrative and adding graphics, titles and music as appropriate. You’ll have chance to review one or more drafts and give feedback before everything is finalised.

This depends on the type of job. For simple talking heads interviews or case studies we can provide a ‘self-shooting’ videographer, who will work alone to capture all the necessary footage.

However our preference is for a two- or three-man crew, consisting of a producer/director to oversee the filming and conduct interviews, plus one or two camera operators to concentrate on the visual and technical aspects. This ensures the key messages of the video are covered more effectively.

For more complex filming requirements we may also recommend extra crew members, such as additional camera operators, a sound recordist, or a drone operator. These will all be costed separately in our quote.

As a starting point we’ll arrange a face-to-face meeting or ask you to fill out a short questionnaire to help us understand the project requirements. From there you can have as much or as little input into the scripting, filming and editing as you’d like. In any case we’ll keep you informed at every step of the process.

For animation, we generally agree the key messages with you and then we work on a draft script and a suggested visual style for review. However we’re also happy to work from a full script or storyboard provided to us.

Alongside the filming we’ll create any motion graphics required for the video. These could range from a simple animated logo to a series of stylish infographics. We always use graphics in a way that complements rather than complicates the message of the video.

Not every project requires a voiceover, but when it does we can provide you with a range of different voiceover samples to choose from and we’ll take care of the rest.

When a background music track is required we can source a suitable track from a royalty-free music library and provide a license for usage in the finished video.

We film everything on professional broadcast-quality 4K video cameras and use additional kit – such as radio mics, lighting kit, or green screen – where appropriate. We continually invest in new kit and software to keep up-to-date with the rapidly changing standards of the industry.

We usually supply our finished videos in the most commonly used formats, typically .mp4 or .mov. However we’re happy to convert these into pretty much any other format free of charge.

There’s no guarantee of what makes video content go ‘viral’ and we’d be wary of any organisation that promises to achieve this. However we’re happy to offer advice on distributing your content to the widest possible audience, and can recommend some of our trusted collaborators who specialise in SEO and social media if you wanted to explore this further.

We generally keep backup copies of any footage and project files for a minimum of four years. We’re happy to revisit and update older projects – for example if you have changed your branding or want to update facts and figures about your business. If there are concerns about data sensitivity we’re happy to delete all our copies of the media on completion of the project.

Not all of our projects are ‘traditional’ video or animation. In the past few years we’ve created phone apps, clickable animations, and interactive training courses where the viewer determines the outcome of the storyline. We’re more than happy to take a brief and provide costs, and advise where we think the project would benefit from additional expertise from our partner agencies.

Let’s start with the question we get asked the most! For video, the answer depends on several things, for example:

  • Whether we’re filming in one location or several
  • How long we need to allow for filming and how large a crew we need
  • How complex the edited video is – especially if it involves animated elements
  • Whether we’re producing a single video or several related videos

For animation, the costs will depend on:

  • The style and complexity of animation (for example 2D versus 3D)
  • Whether we are working with existing assets such as characters or whether these need to be created from scratch
  • The duration of the final animation

Most importantly, we work with clients who have a range of budgets, so whatever your requirements we can find a solution.

Contact us today and we can talk through your options before providing a detailed proposal and cost breakdown.


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